Kurt Schlichter, this morning.  "Dean Wormer? Come on – he’s a college administrator. He’s with her."  Cathartic.
Hillary? She’s the sorority mean girl, a frosty, neurotic, mid-western over-achiever whose freaky daddy issues compelled her to marry a guy who treated her with the same contempt as Pops. She’s the a bitter, striving, hard-four Mandy Pepperidge who hooked up with a cleaned-up Bluto because she knew he was going places, but then finally broke him and forced him to become a vegan.

Bill Clinton absolutely understood the outsiders back in his prime, but Hillary would, thankfully, never be caught dead at a toga party. Such frivolity offers nothing that she could use in her quest for whatever objective she thinks will finally fill the void in her blighted soul.
What's at stake?
Wormer and the Omegas don’t just hate the Deltas for their outrageous behavior; they hate the Deltas because the Deltas are a threat to their unearned position. The Deltas commit the unforgivable crime of refusing to acknowledge the snobs’ divine right to rule them. They defy their betters.
Will that be enough? Here's V. D. Hanson, on the elements of the neoconservative establishment throwing in with Hillary (a development that is driving some of the Bernie brigades nuts, but I digress.)
Clinton versus Trump is a war of NPR, CBS and the New York Times against the National Enquirer, conservative talk radio and the Drudge Report. Clinton supporters such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, onetime Bush officials Hank Paulson and Brent Scowcroft, and billionaire Meg Whitman certainly have nothing in common with Republican Trump supporters such as Mike Huckabee and Rush Limbaugh.

Culture, not just politics, is rapidly destroying -- but also rebuilding -- traditional political parties.
We shall see. But lost among the to-ing-and-fro-ing about electronic mails getting Iranians hanged and Second Amendment voters turning out is this fracture in the Democrat coalition.
At its annual meeting last month, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People came out against new privately-managed charter schools—even though said schools are one of the best tools for providing poor black kids with quality education.
But where is Mr Trump, or anyone else, pointing out that the government school lobby is at least as responsible as Common Core or the Department of Education for rendering urban youth unemployable, no matter what the minimum wage is?

Meanwhile, Acculturated's Mark Judge suggests, the fractiousness is itself of the elite's making.
We’ve witnessed the a slow and steady debasement of our politics and popular culture—see, for example, those “man on the street” interviews where Americans can’t name who won the Revolutionary War. Enter the unelected bureaucrats who appoint themselves to steer the ship; in other words, we’re liberals and we’re here to help. Inspired by the idea that to be against them is to be “on the wrong wide of history,” both communism and contemporary liberalism demand absolute submission to the progressive plan.
Yeah, but that plan isn't working out so well. Unfortunately, the debasement that gives Jesse Watters or, back in the day, Jay Leno, material, is the same debasement that precludes a rational removal of the Wise Experts who midwived the mess.

Three more months to run.

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