Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen asks, "In which ways is today’s world like the Reformation?"

It might be just another Fourth Turning, or something more dramatic might be taking shape.

Consider his first reason.  "Many of the structures in places are perceived as failing, even though in absolute terms they are not obviously doing worse than previous times."

Perhaps so, although those structures might be running on momentum and tradition.

The elites keep getting the basics wrong.

That leads to his second reason.  "There is a rise in nationalist sentiment and a semi-cosmopolitan ethic is starting to lose influence."

It is a corrupt system, and it stinketh.

The journey might not be fun.  Here is his sixth reason.  (No, the list does not extend to 95 ...)  "The world may nonetheless end up much better off, but the ride to get there will be rocky indeed."

That's the nature of reformations.

Don't expect the Ruling Party to do anything other than those things on which their continued salaries depend.

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