Perhaps the reason Chris "Tingles" Matthews is so over-wrought about Our President these days is to atone for his efforts to ... get entertainer Donald Trump thinking about national office.

His one hour show included several such clips, in which national affairs or public office might never have come up in the course of discussing, say, Celebrity Apprentice, or New York infrastructure, or whatever frivolity fills in the minutes before there was any Bush Derangement Sydrome or Obama Hagiography, or which might have offered a bit of summer relief from same.

But somehow, Tingles steers the conversation to something involving national affairs and public office; and note, it's all respectful and on occasion insightful or provocative.

The spittle starts flying only after that famous escalator ride, and we see greater escalation as the Trump candidacy goes from entertainment to there's something happening to acceptance speeches and inauguration.

Watch, review the evidence, click the other clips if you wish, and make up your own mind.

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