I had to turn off the Fox News confrontation between Tucker Carlson and Lisa Durden.  But Essex Community College terminating her adjunct appointment?  An administrative usurpation.  "As such, she deserves redress."

Wrongly fired.
Foremost, Durden appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show not to discuss any campus issues, but rather an event miles away, in an entirely different city and state. Moreover, even in explaining the rationale of Black Lives Matters in restricting attendance at their event, Durden expressly stated that she might not have made the same decision that they did, and that she was simply respecting and defending their position. Durden did not endorse or encourage similar activities at ECC, or anywhere else. Nor is there any indication that Durden has engaged in any form of discrimination against her students, or that her students will ever risk being treated differently based on their race.
Plus a lot of other legalese.

No word from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education yet about a "Dear REMF" letter or more substantive legal action.  Developing.

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