Don't be that guy.  "For instance, there’s the person who stands in the corridor of the sleeping car and carries on a loud, lengthy conversation with the person in the roomette right across from mine."

Don't be this guy, either.  "There always seems to be a 300-pounder who comes barging down the narrow corridors of the sleeping cars forcing you to back up . . . after you’ve already come halfway."

And definitely, don't be this guy.
Then there’s the passenger seated next to me in the diner who is wearing a T-shirt, shorts, rubber slippers and a baseball cap (worn backwards, of course). Occasionally they even smell bad. I may make allowances if it’s a coach passenger, but not if they’re traveling in a sleeper. Every Superliner has a very adequate shower room.
I'm still in the habit of sprucing up a bit before heading to the dining car, that probably makes me a throwback.

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