We had a difficult night in DeKalb County, with a supercell tornado damaging houses on the northwest side of Rochelle, in Flagg Center, collapsing a roadhouse at the corner of Highways 251 and 64, and tearing up the small community of Fairdale.

Danielle Guerra photograph courtesy DeKalb Daily Chronicle.

Look closely, the tornado track just missed the former Milwaukee Road tracks, and a Canadian Pacific train is on the move.  The northwest corner of Fairdale took the worst of the storm, with two fatalities.  As of this evening, all other missing persons have been accounted for.

There's an excellent meteorology department at Northern Illinois University, along with an excellent weather office, and colleagues from both units were at work last night.

The university's report of the events is worth your time to read in detail.

The tornado was visible at street level from the northwest side of DeKalb, or from the higher floors of residence halls and the student center.  The lightning display visible from Cold Spring Shops headquarters was plenty spectacular.

The closest larger town to Fairdale is the Village of Kirkland, where first responders are coordinating relief efforts and soliciting your assistance.
There has been so many donations of food and perishables that the fire department is asking families to come out and go shopping so that all this good food doesn’t go to waste!
The City of DeKalb is assisting, with a commodities drive Saturday morning.
Collection trailers will be located in the City Hall parking lot. Items requested include Work Gloves, flashlights, heavy duty garbage bags, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, first aid kits (in Ziploc bags if possible), pet food, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, hand sanitizer, toiletries, baby clothes, batteries (AA,D), baby formula, plastic silverware, non-perishable food items, pack and plays, gently used car seats.
There's sufficient water; also towels, wash cloths and blankets.

The Salvation Army and Red Cross are assisting, and they'll make productive use of your cash.

And the things you learn ... there's a private zoo south of Belvidere, got hit by a different tornado, and there's a crowd-funding effort to help them rebuild fences and buildings.

I'll keep readers informed as the recovery progresses.

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