Hillary Clinton's foundational follies might make for a lot of fun, but Larry Kudlow suggests focusing on Democrat failures will have greater effect.
I would suggest laying off Hillary and instead showing us what you got in the way of economic-growth policies that will foster 4 to 5 percent growth and maybe another 12 million jobs. The GOP needs a positive growth message, along with a strong national-security message, because the party needs a positive rebranding and a positive vision.
Indeed. Mrs Clinton's defenders have been using the expression "issues the American people care about" as a way of deflecting the investigation, or changing the subject.  That is an opportunity to get in a two-fer.
What the Republican party needs is a clear and strong vision for getting the American economy out of the doldrums. If you want to nail Hillary, slam her issues and policies. Looks like she’s going Obama Third Term: redistribution, not growth.

Go positive, GOP. Go for positive economic- and foreign-policy solutions. That’s a winner.
To wit: an economic stimulus that failed to stimulate.  A foreign policy reset that has made for a less stable world.  A health insurance reform that has been a full-employment statute for tax preparers, and a record-keeping nightmare for the core Democrat constituencies.  And, serendipitously, all creating opportunities for rent-seeking and Clinton Foundation boodling.

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