Ann Coulter has some fun with the Rolling Stone invented gang-bang story.  It's over-the-top in her style, but "The main threat to college students' physical and emotional safety these days comes not from athletes or fraternity members, but from the feminists" ought be thrown back in the face of the Perpetually Aggrieved, and the entire enterprise of the self-despising multiculturalists and the freakazoid minority in their attempts to criminalize normality.  Then there's Smith College's Kathleen McCartney, having to apologize for "all lives matter" because it's not what the self-despising multiculturalists want these days.  As The FIRE's Greg Lukianoff notes, "It’s hard to challenge minds while walking on eggshells." Indeed. Perhaps the mid-majors and the community colleges can fill the vacuum the elite colleges and state flagships are creating.  Students who are working their way through college might not have the time or the inclination to follow the latest developments on the Perpetually Aggrieved frontier.


Dave Tufte said...

My colleague Dave Berri has emphasized that the great thing about working at the level of school that I do* is that we can actually teach them something. They either don't know it all, or don't think they know it all.

* I work at Southern Utah University. It's a selective state school, but not a flagship, with masters's but no Ph.D. programs.

Stephen Karlson said...

Yes, provided your administration doesn't fall into the access-assessment-remediation-retention trap and ask you to ease up.

Is Joe Baker still there? I was on some panels at an Oxford Round Table with him.