Victor Davis Hanson has a long rebuttal to the self-despising multiculturalists.  For all the racism, classism, all the other ills of the modern world, it's more what the carpers do than what they say.
Should not immigration more logically flow in the opposite direction, as millions of those sickened by the Western pathologies seek superior models of racial and ethnic tolerance to the south, where there should be more economic opportunity for the Other? Should not ethnic-studies activists station themselves on the border, urging newcomers to turn around and avoid the racism, sexism, and classism endemic in El Norte? Should not a Chicano Studies professor urge deportation to spare illegal aliens the American ordeal that is the stuff of university seminars?

How bizarre to see the critics of capitalism line up for the newest iPhone or the most recent Air Jordan sneaker! Why would hard-left professors in California jet to Europe when they could drive to Oaxaca? Or drive Volvos when Civics are far cheaper and as reliable?
Everything else is commentary.

Perhaps the best response to the next person you hear saying "privilege" or "problematic" or "hegemonic" is "Do you like the Packers' chances?"

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