Many years ago, I put together a list of egregiously bad academic administrators.  It was inspired by the playing cards issued to victorious troops combing Iraq for Saddam Hussein and other high-ranking Iraqi officials deserving of a necktie party, but in honor of my Wisconsin roots, I used a sheepshead deck.

Minding the Campus recently brought back their Sheldon Awards, their way of honoring the worst college administrators of 2015.  This year's heir to Sheldon Hackney's notoriety is another Ivy League administrator, Yale president Peter Salovey.
Worst of all, the transformation of universities from actual places of learning to institutions primarily obsessed with race and identity has advanced mightily through Yale’s defeat. For demonstrating weak leadership and incomprehension at an elite university, the Sheldon goes to Peter Salovey.
There are a few cards available on my deck yet.

Mr Salovey gets the highest remaining trump card, the Jack of Hearts.

First runner-up Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano of the University of California, Eight of Diamonds.

Second runner-up Teresa "Double Secret Probation" Sullivan of the University of Virginia, Seven of Diamonds.

Third runner-up Michael "You're Fired" Lovell of Marquette, King of Diamonds.  (Yes, in sheepshead, that beats the eight or seven and loses to the Ten, and perhaps there's reason to put Big Sis on a male face card, but I'm old school.)

Fourth runner up Tim "Cave to the Football Team" Wolfe of Missouri gets a suitable fail card, the King of Spades.

I have a few more spots to assign, or perhaps now retired or dead administrators can be replaced.

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