I recently found a picture taken during an upgrade of the East Troy Electric Railroad.

It came from a Facebook group, without further attribution as to photographer or date.

At left, locomotive L9 is pulling a string of ballast hoppers off the Wisconsin Central, now Canadian National, interchange track.  At right, locomotive L8 is on hand to provide additional muscle, and you'll note the classification lights for an extra train are lit.

Both motors weigh roughly fifty tons, inclusive of ballast.  The Eight was rebuilt from a work motor in 1955, and the Nine built new during 1944 to help move additional coal at the power plants for the war effort.  Eight remains in its interurban and Power Company colors, while Nine became the regular service freight locomotive when there were still carload freight customers to serve.  I'm not sure there are any remaining customers.  If there are, the locomotive has the contemporary rotating roof beacon and the other trappings intended to alert motorists that there is a real freight train coming.

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