GET A GOOD START AND SAIL ON THE LIFTED TACK. Rolex Yachtswoman of the year and former Pine Lake Cub Boat ace Sally Barkow is getting her team's fundraising efforts in order for the 2008 Olympic regatta in China.

Unattributed Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel photograph.

That is a Cub boat, otherwise known as the Inland Lake Yachting Association's "Class X" in the background, although the X on the sail designates the Pine Lake Yacht Club (A = Little Cedar, B = Beulah, I = Geneva, M = Minnetonka, V = Pewaukee.)

Our newly appointed provost was with Old Dominion for a while, although I suspect maintaining a finishing school for up-and-coming sailors (I know of several Inland sailors that have enrolled at Old Dominion) is probably not among his priorities here.

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