A QUAGMIRE IN THE STATE LINE. I heard the news tonight, oh boy.
Friday night Belvidere Police broke into a home in the 3200 block of South Main Street in Rockford. Investigators seized over 4 ounces of cocaine, cannabis, electric scales, a handgun, four vehicles and over 21-thousand dollars. A pitbull also attacked officers on site and officer shot the dog. As a result of this raid, 30-year-old Jamie Spates of Rockford was arrested. Spates is charged with two counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. Also behind bars, 22-year-old Michael Jones. Jones faces the same charges as Spates. These two arrests are a result of a month long investigation by the Belividere Police Department. Both were caught in Belvidere.
If the Washington press corps were covering this study, wouldn't the first questions be about the collateral damage and the unnecessary shooting of the dog, followed by speculation about the successors to Spates and Jones as drug lords, and ultimately inquiries about why it took the police so long, and if it wasn't all a stunt to help the mayor get re-elected?

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