GROOVED WARE IN THE STATE LINE? An organization called "Friends of Aztlan State Park" are raising money for a proper visitor center at the park, which, if you're in the State Line area and at all curious about antiquities, is worth a visit.
Its main platform mound alone is so huge that its upper level still stands 100 feet above the surrounding plaza, and its base takes up at least 14 acres. Remains of at least five "woodhenges" - circular placements of poles that used the sun to determine religiously and agriculturally important things such as equinoxes and solstices - have been found.
I mentioned this park in passing in my review of 1421: The Year China Discovered America. I have since learned that divers working in Lake Mills describe the alleged "Chinese structures in Rock Lake" as, well, it's called Rock Lake, so that there are rock piles ought not be too great a surprise. But woodhenges ... am I going to have to bring my straightedge and dividers on another road trip there and look for evidence of the "megalithic yard" noted yesterday?

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