NOTICE OF CARNIVAL. The Thomas Institute offers Roundhouse Roundup.

Roundhouse Roundup, a blog carnival of posts about model trains and the boys who love them.

Who: I will host the Roundhouse Roundup, at least at first. After it gets going a bit, then you can email me if you are interested in hosting.

What: Blog posts regarding any size model trains and the boys (any age!) who love them. Blog posts should be family- and work-safe. I, and any future hosts, reserve the right to reject posts that aren't about trains or that include inappropriate material. Yes, this is a judgement call.

Readers ... get your suggestions in. I certainly hope that female modelers will also be encouraged.

How: Please use the Blog Carnival submission form here or the Conservative Cat Carnival Submit Form here.

Further: Submitters are expected to help publicize the Carnival on their own blogs.

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