Sometimes I'll tune into one of the Sunday shows and the truth will come out.  So it was this morning, when the Meet the Press panel fretted, as they often do, about the Damage that one Donald J. Trump is doing to business as usual.

Here's the key clip from the transcript.

Listen to what he said about being presidential. Watch this.



Presidential's easy. You know what presidential is? I walk on. So you walk on. Ladies and gentlemen, of Waterbury. It is a great honor to be with you this morning.



Katie, he mocks the process. And he actually mocked his own guy, Manafort.


Well, it would be funny if it weren't so frightening. I mean, this is a guy that's running to be the leader of the free world. He's not running to play a part on a reality TV show. And I do think he's mocking the process. And the notion that you're going to take a guy that's 70 years old, and he's going to adopt a whole new personality, he doesn't even know that what he's doing is offensive.
I've seen more of the clip in question. Mr Trump goes on to pretend to be Crooked Hillary Clinton reading something soporific from a prompter.  If what he's mocking is the ritual that begins on January 22 of the year after each leap year and goes on way too long, that's good.

The ritual begins too soon.

It lasts too long.

People who should know better vest it with more consequence than it deserves.

The outcome never delivers on expectations.

If ever a process deserved to be mocked.

But what would Chuck Todd or Katie Packer or any of the rest do if somebody told them the presidential possibilities ought not be treated like the Big Crunch at the end of the universe.

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