Passenger Rail advocate Jim Loomis is enroute to a meeting on the east coast, which involves a cross-country train ride.  Here's breakfast on the California Zephyr.
Sitting in the lounge car waiting for the 6:15 dinner seating to be announced, I noticed a conductor remove his cap before entering and passing through the dining car. By contrast, today at breakfast, a 40ish man, who evidently has a very good job with a high-tech company, wore a baseball cap throughout the entire meal.
It's not as if breakfast on Amtrak, with its etiolated menus, is a high social occasion, and prole caps are everywhere, whether despite or because of big-time sports and hip-hop presentation.  So far we have to go to restore bourgeois decency.

The conductor, however, might have been properly trained.  Here's a paragraph from Rule 903 of the Chicago and North Western System Book of Rules.  "Uniformed employees, except conductors while taking up transportation, will remove cap while passing through dining cars."

The more usual practice these days is for the conductors to "take up transportation" at trackside while passengers board, the delays to passenger handling notwithstanding.

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