Here's Chris Matthews signing off last week Monday, asking a trenchant question about Mrs Clinton's candidacy.  "What is Hillary offering?"  Listen carefully, he's skeptical of the usual nostrums about "working together to solve problems."  It's particularly difficult for Mrs Clinton to speak of "bringing people together" as it raises the question, "Who divided us?"

Perhaps, as Reason's Nick Gillespie notes, it's the cult of the presidency, rather than the contents of the cake, that's the root cause of the problem.
As it happens—and as a libertarian—I think the conservative and liberal, and the Republican and Democratic, agendas are misguided, incoherent, and destined to fail. But I was never the intended audience for such loose talk and false promises. The folks who were are the ones willing to burn down the two parties that have failed them so completely and so utterly.
When Mr Matthews and the rest of the presidency-worshippers start calling out the candidates for their conceptions of ever richer cakes, perhaps the serious business of reclaiming government from the political class can get under way.

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