Here's Christian Schneider in Milwaukee's Journal-Sentinel, responding to the latest spring riot at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Adults need to stop excusing bad behavior.
It's difficult not to enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude when arguably the most progressive campus in America is forced to confront the victimization that such leftism has wrought. These are the progeny of the "ism" culture — young people who believe racism and sexism are everywhere, leaving them incapable of dealing with actual transgressions when they occur.

If anything, appeasing counterproductive behavior among young black students is its own brand of racial paternalism, as is expecting less of students of color. In 2014, Michigan State professor Dorinda Carter Andrews told Wisconsin State Journal reporter Molly Beck that, "When you're not tough on me and you accept less from me, I see it as a lack of respect and a lack of care."
Why are they allowed to do things that we’re not allowed to do?

Surprise me.  Crack down on the administrators who enable.

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