Just listen for the way Chris Matthews says "home-schoolers."  I've caught him at this, particularly in snarking at Senator Cruz and his strength in the Iowa polls, previously.

That, alone, dear reader, says enough about why the Democratic National Committee might have scheduled its debates for Saturday nights during football season.  Secular so-called progressives might welcome the opportunity for a gathering during the Festive Season that doesn't involve Christmas or football, and yet might involve a wine-tasting, or some other demonstration of what Enlightened People they all are.  And they might be able to, in an enlightened way of course, compare notes on the merits of Senator Clinton's or Senator Sanders's latest way to put one over on the ordinary folks, who have to stay dependent on Democrats, yet not clever enough to see what the Democrats are about.

Come January, a debate on Playoff Saturday gives the gentry an opportunity to throw an anti-Super Bowl party, which is another excuse for a wine tasting, albeit instead of having it on Super Bowl Sunday with the television conspicuously off, you have it on Debate Saturday, with the television conspicuously tuned to the debates.

And again, you conceal the fleecing of the base from the base, many of whom are watching the playoffs.

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