Former professional basketball player Drew Housman weighs the downsides of Los Angeles, still one big freeway, and relocates to Madison, Wisconsin.  What's interesting is he's also signalling that those people, trapped in cages or not, who would like to opt off of the tech sector's 24/7 treadmill.
They are making great money, or they have attained a certain amount of prestige, so the idea of looking for work elsewhere is daunting. Yet, they are yearning for something more. They are torn between their desire to afford $60 brunches and their desire to live in a quieter place where you are not mocked for working less than 80 hours a week.
Mr Housman also notes that with contemporary information technologies, it's easier than ever to work from home, wherever home is.

Former Californian Craig Newmark picked up the story, and among the comments is an expat Californian, not yet won over to the Packer Way, but nonetheless preferring that other refugees from California choose Colorado and Oregon and Washington instead.

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