Russ Vaughn notes that Democratic voter turnout is down in primary states that require voters to show identification.  Unlike a lot of the Democrat operatives with bylines, he does not see voter suppression at work.
What will then become evident is that the Democratic Party has been engaged in voter fraud on a broad, nationwide scale.  An even more disturbing revelation that is sure to arise from all this is that the Democratic Party has most likely encouraged voter fraud in minority communities, where criminal evidence of such fraud is most commonly found.  While I'm not about to contend that all voter fraud takes place in minority precincts, news stories of criminal voter fraud and the results will almost always be in those communities.

Not only do I believe that Democrats are engaged in widespread voter fraud, but I believe they are playing the minority communities, black and Hispanic, to do the heavy lifting for them in this criminal enterprise.  And to my way of thinking, that constitutes a vast criminal conspiracy on the part of the Democratic Party to undermine the electoral process with millions of fraudulent votes through a callous manipulation of their controlled minorities.
Now finish the argument.
Let's scrutinize the links between insufficient commercial activity and generations of young people rendered unemployable by government schools and the minimum wage. Let's understand the effects of fifty years of urban renewal and Model Cities and the War on Poverty in creating a cohort of voters dependent on Democrat policies that somehow never lift people up.
That's going to take something more substantive than "We're governed by losers." But perhaps naming the losers is a first step.

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