I like to characterize the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a bundle of two lies.  Devon Herrick elaborates.
Many enrollees remain uninsured despite the mandate -- only signing up for coverage if they become sick or need expensive medical services. Eager to grow exchange plans as much as possible, the Obama administration foolishly created multiple special enrollment categories that allows just about anyone to sign up long after the open enrollment deadline has passed. Individuals signing up using special enrollments aren’t just slackers who lost track of time during open enrollment. Late enrollees use more medical care than those enrolling during open enrollment. They are also more likely to drop coverage soon after receiving expensive medical care.

Many of those enrolled in Obamacare are gaming the system, cheating insurers and driving up the costs for honest folks who just want affordable coverage. It’s rather sad when you realize the Affordable Care Act made health care unaffordable for millions of middle-class families and left many of those formerly-insured better off with no coverage at all. Obamacare is hardly a legacy to celebrate. It’s time for Congress to go back to the drawing board and work together to find a solution that creates the appropriate incentives for all stakeholders, as well as affordable, accessible health care for all.
The best thing for Congress to do is to repeal and go away.  Medical savings accounts, no individual mandate, interstate sales of insurance.  And greater commercial freedom for physicians and surgeons.

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