At the beginning of the week, a comedian called John Oliver devoted his show to a sketch titled "Make Donald Drumpf Again."  That's caught on around the internets, with some observers going so far as to install an algorithm that turns "Trump" into "Drumpf."  It also gets Washington Post columnist S. I. Rosenbaum exercised about inappropriate cultural appropriation.
The names we use to talk about a thing determine how we think about it, too.

“Drumpf” feels so satisfying to critics of the Republican front-runner partly because it sounds funny and foreign; it sounds funny BECAUSE it is foreign. Specifically, Drumpf sounds funny because it sounds German. Drumpf, to an American ear, conjures up a dough-faced Bavarian Nazi on his stumpy way to murder all the Jews in his village. (At least, that’s what I think of, as a progressive Jew who opposes Trump.) In the face of a campaign that’s drawing support from white supremacists by a candidate who promises that he would ban Muslims and build a “beautiful wall” to keep out Mexicans, it’s nice to think of Trump that way — as an interloper, a false face that conceals a creeping foreign influence. As not one of us.
Perhaps that will make people who aren't going to vote for Mr Trump anyway confident in their positions, but the people who are on board with Mr Trump may not be interested in substantive arguments or allusions to the Volksbund anyway.

Go read the first link if you want Mr Oliver's video.

Go read the second link if you want to be warned that Team Red and Team Blue are irrelevant.

It's this part of Ms Rosenbaum's column I wish to reinforce.
Germans don’t deserve to be tarred as shifty-eyed Nazi foreigners. Plenty of German Americans were so slandered during World War II; it wasn’t cricket then, and it’s not now.
I suspect that there are enough people made in America of German parts, and there is so much of what Germans brought to the Americas that is now part of buying into America that you're not going to hear much griping about smearing all Americans of German descent or about cultural appropriation.

Much better to have some strong drink to accompany the political madness.

And be grateful that German style courtesy titles did not catch on the way bratwurst, beer gardens, and Sunday picnics did.

Otherwise you would have to address me as Herr Doktor Freiherr von Masuren.

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