JUST SUCK IT UP AND WALK. Last year, several classroom buildings looked like middle school buildings, with all the cars waiting as students picked up their friends, and the central campus parking lots looked like the malls at Christmas, with cars idling, waiting for nearby parking spaces while more distant spaces went empty. This year, things have changed, and the editorial board of the Northern Star doesn't like it.
Campus Parking Services has said it is trying to change the campus culture by having students rely less on their cars and more on other modes of transportation.

But this is NIU, and it is well-known that a majority of NIU students rely on their cars. Perhaps once the city of DeKalb mutates into a true “college town” and students truly don’t need their cars to get around, Campus Parking Services can do its part to change the culture.
Visualize sobbing violins with lots of vibrato. There is a difference between a convenience and a necessity. Suck it up and walk.

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