THE LAZINESS PREMIUM. I took a birthday break and visited family north of the Cheddar Curtain. I had the opportunity to take an evening walk around Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Therein lies an economics lesson. The people who had houses on Lombardi Avenue, directly across from the stadium, were selling parking for $25. One block north of the stadium, along Oneida Street, the price was $15. Two blocks north, it could be had for $10. Further north, there were some optimists offering parking for $5, but there was street parking available on the side streets north of Liberty Street, about a ten minute walk from the stadium.

Admittedly, it was a preseason game, and the Bishop's Charities are no longer as sacred as once they were, and people were offering me game tickets very cheaply, but perhaps that talk about wide-bodied Cheeseheads is not completely off-base.

The game itself? Packers have some work to do.

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