BEYOND THE BASEMENT. The last few days have been summerlike. There are signs of life in the flowers and trees.

These daffodils have been coming up behind the garage ever since I bought the house.

A previous owner planted them. Their presence the first year I had the house came as a pleasant surprise.

The snowball bush is beginning to leaf out. These things put forth branches willy-nilly. They top out at about this height but they're not easy to shape. They put forth big white flowers in early May, which gives the plant its name.

I transplanted this one from a cutting my mom saved for me in Green Bay.

Soon it will be time to get the vegetables in.

Last fall's leaves have broken down enough to be rototilled under, and there is additional new compost to add to the mix.

The city's groundskeeper has had more time to work on flowerbeds than I.

These daffodils and tulips are in a nearby park, with what passes for a small formal garden.

I have mentioned the coffee house with a view of the Union Pacific.

This is the view of an eastbound drag freight.

On the way home, I didn't have long to wait for a westbound.

The cheap digital camera cannot stop the intermodal approaching at 70 mph.

It did a little better with the "going" shot. To the west of town are two more eastbounds waiting their turn to get into the yard. (Maybe the prototype does hold 'em a long way out of town.)

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