FRIDAY'S MODELS. A visit to the Rockford Modular O Scalers, who have relocated the modules more or less permanently in a private house.

An Elgin Joliet and Eastern transfer locomotive waits at the enginehouse.

An Overland DL-109 got lost at Maybrook; there's a Hiawatha tied to the express reefers.

The U.S. Hobbies Burlington O-5 is an early example of a ready to run brass locomotive. In that era there wasn't much difference between the ready to run products and good scratchbuilding efforts; it has become harder for the scratchbuilders to keep up.

Many O Scalers like big engines. (On visitors' day at the Fox Valley club, it's astonishing how many articulateds and Centipedes and the like turn up. I think I'm building the Quartadecapod to tease such people. Weaver's Consolidations and Pacifics, and Atlas's switchers and GP-9s are much more practical, as well as offering the novice some hope of being able to participate in the hobby without raiding the kids' college fund.)

These modules used to make appearances at the Midway Village show in the fall and the Jefferson High show in the spring, and they put the railroad in some sort of residential context.

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