CRACKS IN THE FACADE? Arnold at Econ Log has a college age daughter.
Jackie and I cannot come up with any good reasons why our youngest daughter, who has the best grades and SAT scores of all of our children, would not be better off finding an apartment with a friend and attending community college. We're not persuaded that we got our money's worth out of sending the other two to four-year colleges.
University Diaries points to a subversive Forbes at MSNBC column making a related point.
According to a number of studies, small differences in SAT scores, which you take before going to college, correlate with measurably higher incomes. And, according to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the lifetime income of high-school dropouts is directly associated with their scores on a battery of intelligence tests.
There's a sidebar offering five reasons, ranging from the canonical foregone earnings and return on investment arguments to the anecdotal, to consider skipping college.

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