CONTEMPLATING DOMESTIC TERRORISM. The latest Carnival of the Badger serves brats and schnapps at Leaning Blue. One post teases, "Is Osama hiding out in the Cave of the Mounds?" (There are also a number of abandoned, some for a very long time, railroad tunnels in the State Line area.)

The substance of the submitted post is a comment on a possibly overwrought statement by a candidate for attorney general, with an even more apt hypothesis regarding Osama bin Gopher. But it also notes that terrorist operations need not have an Islamic cast.

I think a reasonable person can legitimately say there is a terrorism problem in Wisconsin. We have both the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front operating in our state. The FBI is still looking for whoever caused the power transmission towers in Oak Creek to fall, and a pipe-bomber in Madison. And it wasn’t that long ago “Dr. Chaos” was free and recruiting followers to commit acts of terrorism just to suit his vanity. The Department of Homeland Security even has a seminar planned on “soft targets” in the Milwaukee area.

And who will ever forget Sterling Hall?

So I think it quite reasonable for a candidate for State Attorney General to talk about terrorism during the campaign.

The candidate's talk, however, is less well researched.

(The Wisconsin attorney general race might offer a case study of weblogs in action. One prominent Milwaukee weblogger is very close to one of the candidates for that office. I'm not sure where the blogospheric action is on my side of the Cheddar Curtain.)

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