QUOTE OF THE DAY. Forbes's Rich Karlgaard sees the advantage of emergent distributed networks.

[Virginia] Postrel's dynamists, or, as I call them, "opportunity seekers," love charging into the unknown future. They trust that things will work out if people are free to work and create, using capital that is free to seek a return. Opportunity seekers, in fact, are bored by static problem solving. This does not mean they are shirkers. It's just that they'd rather invent word processors than fix typewriters.

Problem solvers, on the other hand, see failure everywhere. They will grind away at a problem, even subsidizing past efforts that have never worked well and probably never will. Problem solvers tend to resist forward motion until all present-day problems are gone.

The post (nailed to Newmark's Door) has an intriguing diagnosis of the Bush Administration's difficulties.
George W. Bush is an opportunity seeker who has surrounded himself with problem solvers.
Possibly. (Anybody remember the summer of 1999, when then-Governor Bush was being hailed as a lock for Mt. Rushmore in some editorial cartoons?)

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