IT'S CALLED MANAGEMENT BY WANDERING AROUND. The dean at Anonymous Community notes it's not only the students blowing-off appointments on sunny days.

But when you’re stuck in the office all day, in a suit and tie, and it’s a slow day, and it’s the first obscenely beautiful day of the year outside, well, that’s just cruel.

I found myself constructing excuses to run errands across campus. It was the kind of day that provokes even the better students to ask if they can have class outside. The kind of day that makes administrators, who have to keep at least 9-5 hours (usually longer) particularly crabby at faculty. The kind of day when normally-conscientious faculty who have made appointments with you call to cancel, citing mysterious, sudden-onset colds.

It was one of those days here, too. There are advantages to being located a 15 minute bike ride from the office.

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