UPSTAIRS AT NORTH STATION. The recently concluded ACC title game women's basketball tournament took place in Boston at a place called "TD Banknorth Garden," which was until recently called the "Fleet Center," and now I have to do some more reading up on mergers and acquisitions among banks. (I remember something in Windsor called "Toronto Dominion Bank," might that be the source of the "TD?" Ayup. Fleet sold out to Bank of America. Bank of America apparently put the naming rights up for bid.)

Whatever the arena is called, what amuses is how much the north side of the first floor recalls the north side of the first floor of the old Boston Garden, which is where the passenger train concourse, or rather, what was left of it, of Boston's North Station lies. Same long relatively narrow passageway, same relative position of the ticketing facilities, same absence of benches, same drab atmosphere.

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