I can't make this stuff up.  Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro appears on a forum organized by the Madison chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, and his talk, "Dismantling Safe Spaces: Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings," set off the people who get off being set off.  Ann Althouse filed a dispatch.

It's not enough that the University of Wisconsin has antagonized the legislature with its defense of professorial privileges, now its assembly policies are under scrutiny.  This is Duey Strobel, a state senator, speaking.
As a taxpayer funded university, Madison should make efforts to have more events open to the public. It is important student organizations have the ability to – without cumbersome red tape – host events to include the public. Every time university officials lobby my office for more taxpayer resources, they argue how important the school is to the state. Student organizations should have the freedom – without fear of complaints – to create a larger discussion with the broader public community. The CfLI should dismiss this grievance as baseless. Complaints are not to be used as a weapon against organizations with different viewpoints.
Right Wisconsin, the intellectual home of #NeverTrump #NeverHillary in Wisconsin, has additional coverage, including video of the speech, the protest, (flip to page 2, it's two hours!) and the aftermath.

There's a fundraising request from the University of Wisconsin, and I suspect there will be another "I regret to inform you ..." letter.

Look, I really would rather post cheerful stories about the Green Bay Packers, but they're not cooperating.  More train stories at the weekend.

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