Those, supposedly, gave shy persons the strength to do what needed to be done.  Or something like that.  Garrison Keillor got boring about thirty years ago.  In asserting "The Defective Mentality of Safe Spaces" Jeffrey T. Brown reminds readers of the folly of running to a safe space.
Serious people get up each morning, worried about how they are going to meet their obligations, pay their bills, and do all that needs to be done. They see the trajectory of our culture, controlled by lunatics and mental patients, as it plunges off the cliff because it is not driven by serious people who live in the real world of cause-and-effect.
Thus, Mr Brown suggests, since the academic left has broken faith with mainstream America, it is best that mainstream America break the academic left.
Before we can defend ourselves from external threats, we must first defeat the Americans who have worked so hard to destroy what they hate: the freedom to reject them and their world of make-believe. As the most unserious people ever to show themselves on history’s stage, they fight to destroy the culture that permits them to believe whatever defective thing they wish. If we do not fight and defeat them first, there won’t be anything left of America to defend when the wars come, internal or external, as Obama has ensured they will.

America is at its best when it is led by serious and determined realists. The world is an unforgiving place, and the childishness of the left, politically and culturally, has sown the seeds of a future of hardship, sacrifice and loss. Eventually the piper must be paid. We have no time for whiners and babies, demanding as delusional adults that we listen to their foolishness and pretend it’s serious. It is better that we re-enter the world of cause-and-effect on our own terms because we must, rather than to have that time chosen for us by serious people who have never indulged fantasy and the tender feelings of malformed adults masquerading as children. The world does not recognize safe spaces. The more we pretend, the less safe we get.

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