Obama apologist Chris Matthews goes off into Wolkenkuckucksheim with a "compromise" to get normal Americans to stop opposing asylum to Syrian refugees by sending all unattached military-age men back to "fight for their country."  Watch.

"Four million fleeing Assad.  Only four willing to fight for their country."  During the Mariel boatlift, I don't recall anyone advising the Carter administration to convert unattached military-age men into a Free Cuban Army and pay the Castro brothers back for the Bay of Pigs.

It all makes the Reagan administration's outreach to Iranian moderates look reasoned.  Say what you will about "arms for hostages," at least those hostages came back alive.

Mr Matthews, on the other hand, is still wedded to delusions of some sort of state sovereignty.  "We still have to turn Syria over to somebody."  Seems like a lot of it is in the hands of the Sillies, and some of it is likely to emerge as a future Kurdish republic.

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