Here's Adjunctular Noodling, starting with college placement day in South Korea, where there is no such thing as test anxiety, and ending up with the Perpetually Aggrieved who run the hothouses fouling all the nests.
Compare the Korean democracy to the various defiantly separate American sub-cultures. In a few years these South Korean students, if they are kind, will allow the American students to serve them. It’s unclear what service they are equipped to provide. Americans equip themselves mostly for protest. It’s doubtful that will be tolerated by Korean achievers.

Meanwhile those who would lead us by following the polls (Clinton, Rubio and Sanders) would dole out more diplomas at greater cost, fostering fewer marketable skills. The students at Missouri, Yale, Ithaca and Louisville may confound the giveaway plan. The voting public may turn away from public higher education, seeing it as a perfectly poor investment. America may also at last turn away from privileged, brutish, overly commercialized and unremarkable collegiate footballers.
The turning away is already in progress.

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