The Wall Street Journal (via Betsy Newmark) suggests that Tuesday's by-election results, which were generally not favorable to the grievance lobby and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, turn the latest public benefit into an "albatross."
The Democratic Party has prospered for decades by promising voters entitlements in return for Election Day loyalty. It worked with Social Security and Medicare, and so it was supposed to work for ObamaCare: Pass it and they will come. Instead the Affordable Care Act has become a recurring political catastrophe for Democrats, most recently on Tuesday in Kentucky.
Here's the next step.
Let's scrutinize the links between insufficient commercial activity and generations of young people rendered unemployable by government schools and the minimum wage. Let's understand the effects of fifty years of urban renewal and Model Cities and the War on Poverty in creating a cohort of voters dependent on Democrat policies that somehow never lift people up.
Time.  Patience.  Logic and content.

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