We don't yet have a truck bomb in a research center, but I have to reinforce last night's warning. "Yes, understanding the other fellow's point of view is a good thing, but when you indulge the other fellow's anger because you think his circumstances are less favorable, you're tilting the balance of power away from an environment of reasoned discourse, comity, and some sort of coexistence." Sure, but when you think you have all the answers, that doesn't matter.  Take Vanderbilt economics major Nicholas Goldbach.  Please.  He's distressed that Vanderbilt law professor Carol Swain argues against the politically correct position in her web journal.  "I suggest that any articles you have cited, or claims you have made, against LGBT individuals, the Islamic and/or Muslim communities, and any other minority group, should be redacted or edited at your earliest convenience.  If my peers and I do not see some serious changes in messaging from your page, we will be sending a campus-wide signed petition to the Chancellor, requesting your release of employment from our school."  Cooler heads appear to be prevailing, although the thought of the lavender lobby and the jihadis working together on a truck bomb when they get tired of asking that inconvenient people shut up boggles.

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