Here's a graphic that makes the point, probably by accident.

I'm hard pressed to think of a better case for taking "enumerated and limited powers" seriously.  Whether the folks at Occupy, from whence I got it, will, is another matter.  Then comes Cory Doctorow.  Never underestimate the strength of a model of behavior that uses self-interest as motive force.  That's what public choice theory teaches about public officials, and the related rent-seeking theory teaches about constituents.
Political scientists and economists who've undertaken peer-reviewed research into policy outcomes have concluded that all over the world, and at every level of government, wealth inequality is correlated with corrupt policy-making in which politicians create laws and regulations that favor the rich at the expense of the wider public.

This is a vicious cycle: the more unequal a society becomes, the more its politicians enact rules that lead to greater inequality.
Which provokes the Blogfather to quip, "He can't seem to make the leap to the 'allow fewer laws' point."


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