Doris O'Brien, also retired from higher education, sees that the long march through the institutions continues even after the tenured radicals also occupy the administrative suites.
Enter confrontation. And condemnation. And color. All of a sudden, college faculties and administrators aren’t getting the respect they feel they have earned through their warm embrace of political correctness, man-made climate change, and America’s posture of leading from behind. They are being challenged -- sometimes, in fact, attacked -- in ways they find incomprehensible. After all, confrontation has always been something liberals avoid, except with those with unacceptable ideas. But who would expect a wave of chaos on campus over something called “white privilege”? How could they possibly be included in such a category?

After all, what Democrat-voting deans or faculty members would be characterized as intolerant and privileged? If anything, they have bent over backwards to assure that all people of color – and don’t forget (liberal) women! -- feel welcomed and appreciated. Yet, now this! As was the case with the college dean whom I approached those many years ago, the president of the University of Missouri has opted out of personally confronting the stressful situation. He resigned, choosing cowardice over the taunt of continuing criticism.
Richard Epstein pens the epitaph for near-men such as the Missouri and Yale administrators.
The problem at Yale and in the Obama administration is that our national and university leaders refuse to defend their institutions, even when those institutions have worked well. It takes years to build up public and private institutions of excellence. It takes shockingly little time to rip them down.

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