Let's start with Victor Davis Hanson's "The University Gone Feral."  As his subtitle puts it, social norms no longer apply.  Does that come as any surprise after thirty or forty years of deconstructing civilization, for whatever reasons seemed appealing at the time?
The strangest campus derangement is the graft of Victorian prurience onto postmodern crudity. Students who are quite sexually active, and routinely use drugs and alcohol, nonetheless revert to virginal preteens who must be shielded from rough language or mere rudeness. They demand Victorian rules of sexual etiquette, but not commensurate 19th-century notions of abstinence, housing segregated by gender, dress codes that discourage randiness, or prohibitions against drug and alcohol use. Pick-and-choose campus feminists do not wish doors opened for them, but insist that sex codes delineate the stages of arousal, from foreplay to postcoital pleasantries. How strange that “adult” students want to dress up in little kids’ costumes on Halloween, and then act like children terrified of scary things in the night.

There is another common denominator to this epidemic of madness. Why are universities free from norms that apply to other American institutions? Is it the implied social contract that their educational mission is so sacred and so dutifully fulfilled that they simply cannot follow the rules or expectations that the rest of us do?
It's been the habit of presidents of public universities to accuse legislatures of breaking that social contract, whilst glossing over the ways in which their institutions have broken the contract themselves, particularly where normal Americans are concerned.
Universities went feral and broke their social contract. If campuses can no longer educate students, then why should they be exempt from the norms that the rest of the population must follow?

Campuses claim they are left-wing, but in fact they are no-wing: just fascist, authoritarian, infantile — and incompetent.
I don't know that "campuses" claim they are left-wing, although there's a lot about the social and cultural preferences that are loosely leftish. Perhaps the best thing to do is light up the grill, pour a beer, and enjoy the slow-motion collapse.

But first, read Jennifer Kabbany. "What you are witnessing has festered and grown like a bacteria in a petri dish until this highly visibly public outbreak of campus lunacy showed itself in full force."  The details are not for the faint of heart.

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