Helen at Women's Hoops wants to take the play value away.  "Supporting women’s basketball is a political act against sexism, racism and homophobia. Anyone who believes otherwise is not paying attention."

If that's your prime reason for going to the games, you're not paying attention. Perhaps it's because  there might be years when that's the highest-achieving winter sport on campus, or because it's a way to get younger kids interested in your university, or because there's something resembling team play, with the potential for mid-major teams to achieve, as reasons to watch.  That it's more about the level of play than the ascriptive or behavioral characteristics of the players might, yes, open minds.

I note, though, that the sexual politics of women's sport has yet to deal with the challenges of crossers.  What happens, for instance, if a media-savvy coach with a touch of rebelliousness recruits several tallish male-to-female crossers and ends the Connecticut - Tennessee - Stanford et. al. dominance of the tournament once and for all?

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