A Dean of Students requires a supporting cast.
After facing some vacancies due to staff departures in the last academic year, Dean of Students Kelly Wesener-Michael said she hopes to refill empty positions and create others to serve student needs. A national search is ongoing for an Associate Dean of Students.

A position for Coordinator for Signature Programs and Event Administration will be added. The individual to be appointed will oversee student safety, implement scheduling and registration and uphold division policy for all on- and-off-campus events.

“We’ve taken the opportunity to use these vacancies to reinvent or transition them to be able to align the needs of the students with those of the staffing structure,” Wesener-Michael said.
Translation: the staffing structure dictates what the students need. I wonder if that includes the free speech zones.

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Dave Tufte said...

I had to deal with our Dean of Students (who I generally like) regarding academic dishonesty on a final exam last Spring.

I was repeatedly back-burnered in favor of interviewing job candidates (mostly our own recent graduates or other student trusty's). I got the signal.