Trains editor Jim Wrinn visits the Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad on the outskirts of Freeport.  "[Heisler locomotive] No. 2 went first to Indiana, came to Illinois in 1982, and started running in 1986. Her keepers maintain her boiler to state standards, keep her boiler pressure low (150 psi), and run her eight to 10 weekends a year. Given that the former Milwaukee Road track that No. 2 runs on is flat and mostly straight – one slight curve – and that her train is three covered flatcars with benches and a wood caboose, her life is an easy one. She will be around for years."

His post is amply illustrated.  There are more pictures from a dozen years ago here and here.

There's one more opportunity to see the diesel train for Hallowe'en this Sunday.  Heavy rains from August to October have disrupted normal life in the Freeport area, including several scheduled open days on the railroad.

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