Rick Moran:
Clearly, Democrats have miscalculated.  They were hoping not only to energize their own voters with the Kavanaugh smears, but also to depress Republican turnout.  Instead, they have energized voters from both parties, negating much of the "enthusiasm gap" they had hoped would allow them to pick off a couple of Republicans in red states, giving them control of the Senate.

Two other races featuring Democratic incumbents – Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Joe Manchin in West Virginia – are also showing signs of the Kavanaugh effect.  McCaskill is running neck and neck with attorney general Josh Hawley, while Manchin's lead has dwindled from 12 points to 8 since the attacks on Kavanaugh began.

The common denominator among all three Democrats is that they need GOP votes to win.  With Republicans in red states strongly supporting Kavanaugh, the Democrats' tactics appear to have backfired.
Time for the Normals to get militant!

Four weeks until the votes are counted.

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