Ned Ryun elaborates.  Is it really necessary to have a web site called "American Greatness?"  I'm afraid so.  Even the brightest among you might benefit by a modicum of repetition.
Just over 250 years ago, a small agrarian nation, 13 upstart colonies, threw off the yoke of the world’s last, most powerful empire. Our nation became the most technologically advanced, diverse, free, and prosperous country the world has ever seen.

It was founded not on the basis of any one ethnicity or the heritage of a single family, but as a creedal nation rooted in individual liberty, voluntary association, and a proper understanding of human nature. America’s Founders knew that man left to his own devices was no angel, but would rather seek dominion over his fellow man. They designed a system that divided and diffused powers, pushing most of the day to day management of government to the most local level possible, while checking the impulses of our national government with institutions designed to protect the rights of the people. It was a profound event in human history, which many thought could never last.
Yes, and apparently being the land of opportunity continues to motivate people to come here, that despite having opportunities to get out of their current circumstances in countries closer to home and more like their old country in language and culture.

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